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The 51st Cameroon National Báhá'í Convention held at Vallée Verte, Yaoundé

Bahá'ís at the National Convention,Yaoundé June 2018


Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 12:00


Present during this year’s National Convention was Counsellor Judicael Mokole, 45 delegates, 3 outgoing National Spiritual Assembly members, all of whom were delegates, and a number of Auxiliary Board members. The convention opened at 5:30 pm on Friday 25 May 2018 with prayers. Its officers comprised: chairman - Mr. John Akuri and Secretary - Mr. David Gillett. The convention programme was adopted after a few recommendations. Meanwhile a committee to draft the convention message to the Universal House of Justice was appointed. At this juncture Counsellor Judicael Mokole gave a welcome note.

The next day, Saturday 26 May, the Ridván 176 B.E Message from the Universal House of Justice was studied. The highlights were reiterated. For example the friends were informed by the message that the realisation of the establishment of 5 000 IPGs was only half way through and so to achieve the full realisation of the Plan, the friends had to be more conscientious and involve the youth more, in the work of the Faith. The Bahá’í film ‘A Widening Embrace’ was projected and the delegates plus the guests watched it attentively and made positive comments afterwards. Next there was a brief consultation on the movement of clusters in the development continuum. On the d-day Sunday 27 May 2019 the NSA was elected. First the tellers were nominated and then the roll call was made indicating that 52 delegates were present and 4 absentee ballots were presented. After prayers, the delegates filled out and casted their ballots.

While the tellers were coming up with the election results, Madam Tchamegni Christine, the Deputy Trustee and secretary of the Regional Board of Trustees of the Huquq’ullah for West Central Africa presented the new study document “Work, Wealth and Service.”There was a bi-election held immediately (Mr. Niaz Bushrui and Mr. David Gillett) expressed their wish to be relieved of their duties as assembly members. The bi-election got Manga Dario Kevin and Ndongo Michel Kitio replacing the two members that asked to be relieved of their duties. Next there was a Presentation of the National Spiritual Assembly’s annual plan for the year 175 B.E. and then the Annual Budget for 2018-2019 was equally presented.

The convention message to the Universal House of Justice was amended, approved and sent. Finally there were two closing remarks from both the Counsellor and the convention chairman, wishing a peaceful and safe return of the participants to their various clusters.



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